Friday, 5 October 2012

Lane Cove and Cockatoo Island

If you have driven across the Lane Cove river at Hunters Hill you will have noticed the Joubert house next to the bridge. I've used a multiple exposure and played with colours to capture the wonderful way this house stands out on the rivers edge.  And just across and up the Lane Cove river there are wonderful natural bushland and mangroves with houses high on the hillside.

Its hard not to be fascinated by the magic of Cockatoo Island. There are layers on layers of buildings and land as well as jumbles of cranes. docks and boats. Its great to be able to use colour and multiple exposures to capture aspects of this Sydney treasure.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Paddington reservoir park

The old underground reservoir at Paddington has been turned into a beautiful park. In these pictures the late afternoon sun was shining into the caverns and creating some colourful light/dark patterns. The evening light also provided a soft texture to the leaves of a small gum tree in the park.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Iron Cove

There are a couple of jetties on Iron Cove where boat owners sack their dingys. Evening is a great time for capturing interesting photos.

Ships - Botany Bay

The ships are always coming and going. They are all cargo boats but they are still special, majestic and beautiful.

La Perouse

La Perouse has endless opportunities for photos. Here are pictures of Frenchmans Bay, Bare Island and Congwong Beach.

Cape Banks - Botany Bay National Park

This is such a wonderful headland. Its dramatic and whatever the weather it always produces magic - it can be rough and violent or soft and faint.

Botany Bay National Park - angophoras and banksias

I've tried to capture something of the sensuality of angophora trees with their soft pick trunks. And the banksia flowers are always dramatic in season.

South Coast NSW - beaches and boats

There are endless bays and beaches and boat harbours all the way up the coast.