Saturday, 3 December 2011

Dredges and tugs at La Perouse

Dredges and tugs have been working in Botany Bay as part of laying an electricity cable under the entrance to Botany Bay. The dredge often work late and provides some interesting evening pictures.  The pictures are all multiple exposures allowing me to overlay some of the wonderful rock textures on the working boats.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Centennial Park

Sydney's Centennial Park has lots of lakes and these multiple exposures have enabled me to weave in lots of interesting textures


Adding a warm balance to the pictures of individuals there is always the curiosity about couples


A single person in a landscape always intrigues  - so here are some obscure images that leave one wondering.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Passing winter and signs of spring

I've enjoyed taking lots of pictures of autumn leaves and we have had a few early warm days that reminded me that spring is near so I have taken a few pictures to symbolise the ending winter and the impending spring.

Trees from parks I have visited.

I visit parks when I go to my son's soccer games so I have included a picture of Mangrove trees from Fig Tree creek and a picture of gum trees at Abbotsford waterfront.

The Hastings River and Port Macquarie

I recently spent a long weekend with old friends Gary and Linda at their new home at Wauchope. They live on the Hastings river and I spent a large chunk of my visit taking pictures. Its a beautiful part of the world.

Ship pictures from La Perouse

The beaches at La Perouse offer endless possibilities for pictures. Because La Perouse is at the entrance to Botany Bay there are always ships coming or going from Port Botany. I enjoy finding ways to incorporate the ships in my pictures. Most of the pictures are multiple exposures and the patterns on the rock provide wonderful colourful textured second and third exposures.